Opera Singing and Fighting Off Alzheimer’s

How Music and Singing can slow Alzheimer’s

Aging is no fund but a recent study showed that seniors who were active with music and singing had lower rates and progression of Alzheimer’s which is the number one cause for needing Long Term Care.  It seems that the music activates the left side of the brain which memories are kept stimulating the brain and somehow fighting off affects of Alzheimer’s.

I have always been involved with music heavily but I still worried that as I aged I might need Long Term Care so I decide to research Long Term Care Insurance for found a company called LTC Tree who was familiar with the music and Alzheimer’s connection.  They helped me decide if I need Long Term Care Insurance by mailing me Long Term Care Insurance quotes.  Once I had them I put in my Beethov...


A Short History of Opera

Sarasota Opera Production of King For A Day

An opera is an exquisite form of art where musicians and singers work together to create a dramatic work that combines singing, musical score and acting in a theatrical setting. Apart from these elements, some opera pieces also include dance numbers, sceneries, fascinating costumes and entire orchestras. The performances are accompanied by either a small musical ensemble or a whole orchestra.

Traditionally, an opera is performed in an opera house, also known as an opera theater. These are large structures that generally feature enormous stages, seating arrangements for the audience, a grand and classic architecture. An opera theater also consists of an orchestra pit, a stage for performances, a backstage facility and costume area.

The opera has a remarkable history...